Patio restoration across Evesham, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. 

Many homeowners have patio somewhere on their property and are often a key point of a garden, after exposer to the elements and a large amount of foot traffic a patio can become very visually worn and the growth of moss, lichens and algae can take over what was once a beautiful space. Patios can differ greatly in the material that they are made but the trained professionals at Aqua clean will use our specially formulated system to ensure they are restored to an almost new state.

The area will firstly be pre treated with our specialist biodegradable 

products, that safely remove moss, algae, black spots and other organic matter.

This is left for a number of days to allow the treatment to work. The products once dry, re safe and non-hazardous.

Once the product has had time to kill off the organic matter we will then clean the area using our high performance pressure washer. This will remove all grime, organic matter and black spots 

Once we have completed the cleaning the area will again be treated to eliminate the risk of moss and algae spores re-forming. This will in turn leave the patio cleaner for longer with minimal maintenance. 

Should any of the patio need repointing or reaping this will now be carried out. This process will ensure all damaged slabs are replaced and any sunken slabs will be lifted and relayed. This will improve

the appearance of the area to a like new state.   


Sand will then be brushed into the joints of the slabs to fill in any gaps on the joints, given the appearance of a freshly laid patio. This will also prevent patio from moving and still allow for water drainage. 

The final stage will be to apply the sealants if required. Sealers have been developed to enhance the natural colour of the patio and to also combat the constant problems of staining and weed growth.

We will apply 2 coats for optimum results.

With a choice of colours and shines we are able to achieve the desired look you require


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